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Blog Tour: Aziza's Secret Fairy Door by Lola Morayo, illustrated by Cory Reid

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for an exciting, new chapter book,  Aziza's Secret Fairy Door .  It's the first title in a magical-adventure series from creative duo Lola Morayo, aka T ọ lá Okogwu and Jasmine Richards, and I was delighted to catch up with this busy pair to learn more about their new book and hopes for the future of inclusive publishing. Firstly, I'm intrigued by your pseudonym 'Lola Morayo'. How did you come up with it? Tọlá: Jasmine actually came up with it, but my one stipulation was that it should reflect my Nigerian heritage. She did a great job: 'Morayo' means 'I've found joy' in Yoruba and I love that 'Lola' rhymes with Tọlá. When did you decide to partner up and how does your creative collab work in practice? Tọlá: I found Jasmine through the BookTrust Represents initiative. Her company StoryMix was looking for new writers and I had just decided I wanted to move to writing full-time. I reached out to her just

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