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Listening Party: Musical Truth by Jeffrey Boakye, illustrated by Ngadi Smart

Welcome to my stop for the Listening Party of  Musical Truth , published earlier this week. At the end of this blog post I'll share one of the iconic songs featured in this essential work, but first, here's my review: Jeffrey Boakye’s latest form-breaking book  Musical Truth , stylishly illustrated by Ngadi Smart, is a highly informative, accessible walk through modern Black-British history with a twist. Using the emotive springboard of music — an actual playlist of tracks — Boakye surveys the Black-British experience, not just racism and hardship but also resistance, hope, creativity and success. Building the book around 28 songs by seminal Black musicians (including a few white artists, like Ed Sheeran, who were heavily influenced by Black music), Boakye thought-provokingly reframes longheld historical narratives. He cleverly interweaves detailed analysis of each piece of music with key political, socio-economic and cultural events occurring from 1948 to 2020. He brings to

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